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 “Wow! I did not know how much of a help this was gonna be. This will be a big help for me and my future.”
- Durham resident referred by court partners who had charges expunged

“This program will give people like me a chance to change their lives for the better. Having a second chance is a true blessing. This program will allow me the chance of a clean record which will help in my career goal while also rewarding me with the chance to provide a better life for me and my son.”
- Durham resident who attended a DEAR community legal clinic

“I haven’t had a license in 22 years. A lawyer said he could help me for $9,000. I can’t afford that. DEAR helped me get my license back.”
- DEAR participant who received license restoration assistance at a DEAR clinic

“It’s a blessing. I’ve been looking for any kind of help financially to resolve this, but it’s just been so difficult.”
- Durham father of seven who benefited from DEAR’s driver license restoration program