March 2019

“‘The justice system breaks down when we don’t have full access,’ says Maris. ‘[DEAR] is about expanding access to relief that already exists but isn’t equally being doled out.’”

Sarah Willets, INDY
Advocates Say Durham’s Experiment to Wipe Thousands of Old Cases Off the Books Could Be a Model for Statewide Justice Reform / Read the full story here

february 2019

“Making the city we love, a city for all, means making the city we love a city of second chances … we all have a responsibility in this work.”

Mayor Steve Schewel, highlighting the work of DEAR
2019 State of the City Address / Watch or read the full speech here

January 2019

“‘It’s a blessing,’ said Burton, 40, a father of seven. ‘I’ve been looking for any kind of help financially to resolve this, but it’s just been so difficult.’”

Virginia Bridges
Herald Sun / Read the full article

January 2019

“In making the motion, Deberry alluded to the biblical Year of Jubilee, in which slaves were freed and all property reverted back to its original owner. Dismissing the fines is supported by statute, she said, but it is also “ethical and fair” because the debt is largely the burden of people who may never be able to pay it.”

Sarah Willets
INDY / Read the full article

June 2018

“This is about the fair administration of justice. It is not fair that people suffer worse consequences for the same offense simply because they are poor or black.”

Ryan Smith, Durham Innovation Team
CityLife / Watch Full Video


February 2018

“This program makes me love Durham […] It shows the power of a common goal, and how many people are just waiting for a chance.”

Katie Mgongolwa
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january 2018

“This simple but innovative solution is part of the Durham i-team’s larger mission to make it easier for people with criminal records to get jobs or go to school.”

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